Retail & Restaurants

We make AI actionable — helping retailers & restaurants companies grow revenues, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences

Pre-trained Models

Pre-trained models ready to integrate into business processes to unlock revenue growth and cost savings

Training Data

Hand-labeled training data for companies looking to build their own AI / ML models

Software Solutions

Turnkey software solutions and data products, expanding the benefits of AI to non-technical users

Use Cases

COVID-19 Reopening

Ensure face mask compliance and social distancing to maintain safety for employees and customers

Search Relevance

Associate objects and items in photo and video to improve ecommerce search results

Quality Assurance

Ensure delivery items are prepared accurately

Visual Search

Use images as input for generating search results

Data Labeling

Hand-labeled datasets to train client AI / ML models

Custom Solutions

Hand-labeled datasets to train client AI / ML models

Document Parsing

Extract and structure key fields from documents such as receipts, invoices, POs, and more

Ent.AI Vision Suite

Modular suite of AI-powered vision solutions to ensure safety, and on-site operations

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About Us

Ent.AI is short for Enterprise AI. Ent.AI is the de facto leader in the world of Enterprise AI. Whether you need data labeled, models built, or complete end-to-end AI strategy and solutions, Ent.AI is the perfect partner to accelerate your AI strategy.

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