Ent.AI Partners

We partner with the top technology companies to give your team the confidence to deploy world-class AI. If you’re interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners provide platforms and applications that integrate with our platform to accelerate the value delivered by automated machine learning.

Systems Integrators

Systems Integrators and Consulting Firms use our platform to design, plan, develop, and implement vertical and horizontal solutions of all sizes and complexities.

Solution Partners

Solution Partners embed our powerful automated machine learning platform tools into their own applications to enable an AI-driven experience for their customers.

Cloud Platform Partners


We’re thrilled to be a partner in the AWS machine learning competency partnership. From EC2 to S3, we’ve long taken advantage of the AWS ecosystem, and we’re excited to bring our unique ability to build custom models to their network.


We are proud to be a member of the IBM Cloud for Data and IBM Watson Studio communities. Our partnership enables customers to annotate and label data via in-product integrations so that they can scale their AI initiatives.


We’re honored to be a partner of Microsoft Azure. Our enterprise-grade annotation platform works seamlessly with Microsoft Azure to quickly annotate text, audio, video, and images to create high-quality annotated training data. Together, we help Microsoft Azure customers accelerate their accessibility and adoption of artificial intelligence in the real world.

Google Cloud

We are the launch partner for Google Cloud AutoML to help accelerate the accessibility and adoption of artificial intelligence in the real world. Through our partnership, together we are aiming to help Google Cloud AutoML customers with data collection, preparation, and model experimentation. We simplify the process of uploading training data to AutoML.

Technology Partners

United Software Corporation

Ent.AI is excited to partner with United Software Corporation’s Technology Implementation Services team to help their ML teams create highly accurate and efficient domain-specific AI models. With USC’s Transfer Learning Toolkit, developers can leverage production quality, pre-trained ML models that help speed up time to production.

Silicon Spectra

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Silicon Spectra. Customers can now transform their business by building models using high-quality annotated training data and seamlessly deploying models faster and more frequently. With Ent.AI and Silicon Spectra, accelerate the time to value to reap the real business benefits.

Cognac Systems

We are excited to announce our partnership with Cognac Systems to help ML teams accelerate the time from research to production. With csi.nyc customers are able to manage, scale and accelerate AI and data science development from research to production. Together, Ent.AI and csi.nyc ensure ML teams succeed in building and moving high-performing models to production and unlock business value.

The Computer Merchant

We have partnered with TCM, one of the largest private technology staffing companies in North America, to provide you with our full range of expertise and infrastructure to get your AI projects off the ground fast. With TCM’s expertise in building AI-driven solutions and Ent.AI’s premier data platform, you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to quickly build accurate, inclusive models.

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