Contextual Content

We help publishers and sell-side platforms create a premium ad inventory to monetize contextual relevance and develop diversion units to address brand suitability requirements

Contextual Content API

Deliver spots that align with the context of adjacent content, targeting IAB categories and individual brands

Brand Safety / Suitability APIs

Guarantee delivery in a brand-suitable environment, mapped to GARM / IAB categories and risk levels

Why Us


Our models consistently outperform comparable solutions in client-led benchmarks and are regularly updated 

Easy Integration

Our APIs can be accessed with a few lines of code, and our on-device models can be accessed using standard mobile libraries

Fast and Scalable

Our models are hosted on our own servers, allowing clients to scale volume quickly and receive results faster


With our data labeling capacity, we can quickly build custom models and add new classes to existing models


API Calls / Month



2-4 weeks

Model Customization

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About Us

Ent.AI is short for Enterprise AI. Ent.AI is the de facto leader in the world of Enterprise AI. Whether you need data labeled, models built, or complete end-to-end AI strategy and solutions, Ent.AI is the perfect partner to accelerate your AI strategy.

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