Video & Image Annotation

Label or categorize videos and images at scale


Organize your media with discrete categories

Bounding Boxes

Identify items of interest with one or many bounding boxes


Like bounding boxes, but with additional precision


Annotate objects with accurate width, depth, and height

Principal Axes

Measure, yaw, pitch, and roll of an item of interest


Annotate timestamps in video and audio content


Annotate straight lines in an image

Semantic Segmentation

Classify each pixel of an image


Mark individual points in an image


Annotate freeform lines in an image

Field Transcriptions

Transcribe text within an image or bounding box

Autonomous Vehicle Startup

Use case: Produce training data for object perception models.

Source data: Car footage

Data labeling type: Bounding boxes, cuboids, categorizations, semantic segmentation, polygons.

Volume: 1M bounding boxes, 600K cuboids, 1.6M+ categorizations.

Outcome: The company was able to optimize its autonomous vehicles’ processing accuracy by significant margins. We surpassed expectations and the client is now working exclusively with us.

Global Reinsurance Company

 Use case: Evaluate roof damage on different properties both from normal wear-and-tear and natural disasters.

Source data: Aerial images of roofs.

Data labeling type: Polygons, semantic segmentations.

Volume: 10K polygons, 6,000 semantic masks.

Outcome: The client was able to use the output to automate damage assessment and streamline the claims adjustment process.

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