Text & Document Annotation

Extract structured text from documents and text data


Organize your media with discrete categories

Bounding Boxes

Identify items of interest with one or many bounding boxes


Like bounding boxes, but with additional precision

Long-Form Transcriptions

Transcribe receipts, menus, etc. into structured data

Field Transcriptions

Transcribe text within an image or bounding box

Document Processing Company

Use case: Improve user experience and produce large training datasets capable of augmenting a model that could recognize and reflow elements on a page.

Source data: Document PDFs.

Data labeling type: Classifications, bounding boxes.

Volume: 400K+ fully-labeled pages with 20+ classes, 6.5M+ bounding boxes.

Outcome: The document company has used our data to develop a productionized, high-accuracy, deep learning model. This partnership now spans multiple teams and over 50 unique data labeling projects.

Expense Management Company

Use case: Automate client’s manual process of auditing, tagging, and transcribing receipts.

Source data: Pictures of receipts.

Data labeling type: Bounding boxes, transcriptions, categorizations.

Volume: 8M+ bounding boxes.

Outcome: We deployed a model designed to automatically extract metadata like price, product, and quantity from simple camera phone images of physical receipts. The client successfully deployed the model and integrated it into its existing workflow.

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