Data Sourcing

We generate the highest accuracy training datasets through our distributed platform of 2M+ contributors. We collect raw data from various public and proprietary sources and structure it for your company’s specific needs.

Proprietary Sourcing

We leverage our 2M+ distributed workforce to capture and source vast amount of real-world data

Public Web Content

We collect data from search engines and source other publicly available content on the web


Data consisting of images or videos for tasks such as object detection, classification, and more


Data consisting of text for tasks such as transcription, natural language processing, and more


Data consisting of audio for tasks such as speech recognition, classification, and more

Why Us

Fully Managed

Every client is assigned a project manager who will ensure the data labeling process goes smoothly


Our 2M+ distributed workers generate tens of millions of labels every day with high accuracy

Engineered for Quality

We achieve best-in-class data quality by mandating consensus and high worker accuracy

Cost Efficient

Automated task routing and a globally distributed workforce allows us to be hyper-cost-effective


Labeled Items for Training


Items Labeled per Day


Registered Workers

Ready To Get Started?

About Us

Ent.AI is short for Enterprise AI. Ent.AI is the de facto leader in the world of Enterprise AI. Whether you need data labeled, models built, or complete end-to-end AI strategy and solutions, Ent.AI is the perfect partner to accelerate your AI strategy.

Enterprise AI Company 

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