3D Point Cloud Annotation

Label LiDAR, radar, and other 3D data


3D point cloud data from LiDAR sensors


3D point cloud data from Radar sensors


RGB image frames from any camera

3D Sensor Fusion

Sensor fusion provides a pipeline to synchronize labeling across multiple data sources. Our annotation platform presents RGB images alongside 3D point cloud data to provide additional context for labelers.

Use Cases

Autonomous Vehicles

Detect pedestrians, vehicles, and more


Identify relevant objects and estimate proximity

3D Mapping

Enable environmental mapping and localization for drones

Tools Used

3D Cuboids

Identify items of interest with one or many 3D cuboids

3D Panoptic Segmentation

Annotate unique objects with point-level granularity

Multi-Frame Object Tracking

Track instances of the same object across multiple frames

Why Us

Fully Managed

Every client is assigned a project manager who will ensure the data labeling process goes smoothly


Our 2M+ distributed workers generate tens of millions of labels every day with high accuracy

Engineered for Quality

We achieve best-in-class data quality by mandating consensus and high worker accuracy

Cost Efficient

Automated task routing and a globally distributed workforce allows us to be hyper-cost-effective

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