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Create training datasets for machine learning models with our fully managed solution. Ent.AI helps the most innovative companies in the world build their own AI / ML solutions.

Video & Image Annotation

Label or categorize videos and images at scale

Text & Document Annotation

Extract structured text from documents and text data

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Label 3D data from LiDAR, Radar, and all major sensors

Data Sourcing

We generate the highest accuracy training datasets through our distributed platform of 2M+ contributors. We collect raw data from various public and proprietary sources and structure it for your company’s specific needs.

Our Tools


Organize your media with discrete categories

Bounding Boxes

Identify items of interest with one or many bounding boxes


Like bounding boxes, but with additional precision


Annotate objects with accurate width, depth, and height

Principal Axes

Measure, yaw, pitch, and roll of an item of interest


Annotate timestamps in video and audio content


Annotate straight lines in an image

Semantic Segmentation

Classify each pixel of an image


Mark individual points in an image


Annotate freeform lines in an image

Field Transcriptions

Transcribe text within an image or bounding box

How We Work

Project Manager Consultation

We assign a dedicated project manager to work with the client and understand how we can solve their data labeling challenges.

Guideline Discussion

The client shares data labeling instructions so we can understand the desired final output, labeling nuances, edge cases, etc.

Initial Set-Up

We create a project-based on the discussed guidelines. Our team also creates ground truth labels for every project to ensure that workers produce high-quality results.

Project Iteration

We test the project with small samples of production data. This allows us to quickly tweak guidelines and project parameters before processing the full set of production data.

Client Feedback

We deliver sample results to the client from the project iteration cycle. Once the client is happy with the sample results, we move to the production phase of data labeling.

Production Run

We process the full set of production data per the final project specifications.

Final Data Delivery

Our engineering team packages and formats the final data per client specifications.

Use Cases

Autonomous Vehicle Startup

Use case: Produce training data for object perception models.

Source data: Car footage

Data labeling type: Bounding boxes, cuboids, categorizations, semantic segmentation, polygons.

Volume: 1M bounding boxes, 600K cuboids, 1.6M+ categorizations.

Outcome: The company was able to optimize its autonomous vehicles’ processing accuracy by significant margins. We surpassed expectations and the client is now working exclusively with us.

Global Reinsurance Company

 Use case: Evaluate roof damage on different properties both from normal wear-and-tear and natural disasters.

Source data: Aerial images of roofs.

Data labeling type: Polygons, semantic segmentations.

Volume: 10K polygons, 6,000 semantic masks.

Outcome: The client was able to use the output to automate damage assessment and streamline the claims adjustment process.

Document Processing Company

Use case: Improve user experience and produce large training datasets capable of augmenting a model that could recognize and reflow elements on a page.

Source data: Document PDFs.

Data labeling type: Classifications, bounding boxes.

Volume: 400K+ fully-labeled pages with 20+ classes, 6.5M+ bounding boxes.

Outcome: The document company has used our data to develop a productionized, high-accuracy, deep learning model. This partnership now spans multiple teams and over 50 unique data labeling projects.

Why Us

Fully Managed

Every client is assigned a project manager who will ensure the data labeling process goes smoothly


Our 2M+ distributed workers generate tens of millions of labels every day with high accuracy

Engineered for Quality

We achieve best-in-class data quality by mandating consensus and high worker accuracy

Cost Efficient

Automated task routing and a globally distributed workforce allows us to be hyper-cost-effective


Labeled Items for Training


Items Labeled per Day


Registered Workers

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